Service and Support

SEI is in the business of providing complete systems solutions. The support is just beginning when we ship the hardware! SEI's Field Teams can be deployed worldwide from stations on the East Coast, West Coast and Central U.S.

Field Support Services

SEI provides complete Group "A" and "B" Kit installation services at the time and location that best suits your requirements and aircraft availability.  We also train your personnel in system operation and maintenance.   SEI's Field Teams can be deployed worldwide from their stations on the East Coast, West Coast, and Central U.S.

SEI's field teams perform the following:
  • System integration and calibration.
  • Onsite system diagnostics and troubleshooting.
  • Strain gage / sensor installation.  (As part of a system installation or for customer application).
  • System training for customers.
Key Benefits
  • Experienced, Factory Trained Technicians
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Long or Short Term Contracts Available

Depot Level Repair

SEI performs complete Depot Level maintenance and repair on all of its  products, including retrofit of system upgrades. By servicing our own products, you are guaranteed that the repaired units meet all original performance specifications.  Hardware and firmware upgrades can be accomplished at time of repair to minimize downtime, and ensure your units are continually at the latest configuration.  Centrally located in the continental U.S., our location near Chicago's O'Hare International Airport allows expedited transport of critical system components.

Key Benefits
  • Component Level Troubleshooting and Repair
  • Refurbishment of In-Service Units
  • Upgrades and Enhancement to Existing Products
  • Servicing Agreements and Contracts Available
  • Rotatable Pool and Loaner Programs Available

Engineering Analysis and Support

Our Engineering staff specializes in systems integration, structural loads analysis, and flight data acquisition technologies. SEI's Engineering Department is a full-service organization capable of handling projects from concept through production.  Our staff of Draftsmen, Designers, and Engineers specializes in structural loads analysis, research and development and hardware and software design solutions to unique Flight Data Acquisition requirements.  Our team approach to engineering projects ensures an integrated effort toward achievement of project milestones.

  • Research and Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Structural Loads Analysis
  • Airframe Specific Systems Development
  • Systems-To-Circuit Level Electrical Design
  • Printed Circuit Board Layout and Design
  • Surface Mount (SMT) and Multi-Layer Technology
  • Software Design
  • Mechanical Design and Analysis

Homeland Security; Research, Development and Education Services

Systems & Electronics, Inc. offers a variety of consulting services in areas related to homeland security. Our engineering staff combines many years of experience in various security areas including design to enhance security; structural evaluation and resistance computation against blast loads and other explosive effects; reliability analysis of structures against potential blast effects; and educational seminars and courses in homeland security applications.

SEI engineers have conducted research in these and other areas related to homeland security and can offer consulting services in a variety of formats including:

  • Research
  • Problem identification and solution strategy
  • Structural retrofit design to enhance performance against blast effect
  • Failure cause and effect analysis
  • Condition assessment of structures through analysis and/or by monitoring using sensors
  • Design of barriers such as bollards, planters, etc.
  • Investigation of buildings for emergency evacuation and egress routes
  • Safety analysis of chemical and pharmaceutical plants against potential industrial blasts
  • Group seminars and lectures in the areas of blast resistant design, safety and reliability analysis