Signal Data Converter (SDC)

The SDC provides for expansion of the Structural Data Recording Set.  Many configurations are available, each tailored to meet unique customer requirements.  The standard SDC (shown above-left) is presently flown on the U.S. Navy's F-14A, E-2C, and C-2A aircraft.  SEI newest SDC (above-center) incorporates a modular design that can be quickly and economically configured through plug-in circuit cards and firmware profiles.  Cost-effective, specialized units for  specific needs are available, like the S-3B SDC (pictured above-right).

Key Benefits
  • Processes data for compatibility with the SDRS
    • Serial Data
      • RS-232
      • RS-422
    • Synchro Data, 400Hz
  • Fixed and Rotary Wing capable
    • LVDT
  • Provides for aircraft data bus monitoring
    • ARINC-429
    • ARINC-629
    • MIL-STD-1553
  • Expands  number of available channels.
    • Additional/enhanced analog channels
    • Additional discrete inputs