Structural Data Recording Set (SDRS)

SDRS is the heart of the AN/ASH-37(v) system. The basic SDRS consists of the following units:
  • Recorder-Converter, RO-601/ASH-37
    • Fixed and Rotary Wing Configurations Available
    • Microprocessor Controlled
    • Simultaneous Monitoring of 20 Channels
      • 3 Analog Inputs
      • 8 Discrete Inputs
      • 4 Strain Gage Inputs
      • Pitot and Static Pressure
      • 3 Axis Servo Accelerometer Data
  • Memory Unit, MU-938/ASH-37 (mounted above the Recorder-Converter)
    • Capacities from 200K to 8M bytes
    • Uses Flash Memory
    • Built-in-Test (BIT) Functions
    • 80% Memory Full Indicator

Key Benefits

  • Extensive Built-in-Test (BIT) functions.
  • Uses advanced data compression algorithms.
  • Parameter measurement format fully configurable through software.
  • Self-adaptive - can be programmed to self-adjust sampling rates and threshold criteria.
  • An advanced replacement for the MS 25447/25448 or ABU-20/TRU-162 Counting Accelerometer Groups.