Data Entry Keypad (DEK)

The Data Entry Keypad (DEK) is a microcontroller-based unit capable of storing up to 16 flight relevant data items, and sending this data to SEI's Structural Data Recording Set.  To prevent error, all parameters may be customer specified to ensure entered data is within a predetermined range.  It is compatible with both the AN/ASH-37(v) and AN/ASH-40 configurations.

Key Benefits
  • Provides for transmittal/storage of relevant flight/mission data in the system's memory to preclude requirement to manually correlate this data.
    • Date/Time (real time clock)
    • Gross Weight
    • Fuel Weight
    • Center of Gravity
    • Wing Station Stores Weight
    • Number of Internal Tanks
    • Number of Crew/Passengers
    • Mission Code
  • Night Vision (NVIS) compatible.
  • Data may be entered prior to, or during flight.
  • Automatic Error Checking ensures data integrity.
  • Interchangeable across many aircraft platforms.