Structural Data Recording Set - SDRS
The SDRS, AN/ASH-37, is SEI's premier product line. The micro-processor controlled system is capable of simultaneously recording 20 channels of data.   more info
Remote Storage Unit - RSU
The RSU is a compact self-contained system to store and retrieve data from industry standard PCMCIA/ATA cards. It has been qualified to meet the most demanding MIL-STD-810 and RTCA DO-160 environments.   more info
Structural Health Monitoring System - SHMS
The SHMS is the airborne portion of SEI’s Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS)consisting of a DAPU, DSU, and an optional CDU.   more info
Data Entry Keypad - DEK
The DEK, KY-941/ASH-37, provides for manual entry of relevant flight/mission data (fuel, payload, weapons stores, etc.) into the SDRS system memory to preclude the need to correlate this data later.   more info
Signal Data Converter - SDC
SEI produces many SDC configurations to accommodate unique aircraft requirements. The SDC expands the 20 available channels of the SDRS and is capable of data bus monitoring (ARINC-429/629, MIL-STD-1553, etc.)   more info
Airframe Cumulative Fatigue Monitoring System - ACFMS
The ACFMS is an advanced, low-cost 16 channel recorder designed for commercial aircraft and fleet applications.   more info
ACFMS with Global Positioning System Interface - ACFMS.GPS
SEI's ACFMS is available with real-time GPS data recording capability. Position information is sent to the Cumulative Fatigue Recorder via RS-232 and stored in non-volatile memory.    more info
Maintenance Data Processing Station - MDPS
The MDPS, AN/UYQ-76, is a complete ground support system for equipment configuration and data retrieval.   more info