Maintenance Data Processing Station - MDPS

The MDPS is a complete ground support system for SEI's AN/ASH-37(v) and AN/ASH-40 family of Flight Data Recorders. It is used for downloading of flight data to provide a "quick-look" capability, or to be saved to diskette. The MDPS is also used to configure the SDRS system, and imbed aircraft tail number/BUNO or other relevant data into the system's non-volatile memory. The MDPS supports .wav file decoding and playback for SEI's CSRMU Cockpit Voice Recorder.

Key Benefits

  • Intel 486 or Pentium based Laptop Computer.
  • Specialized menu-driven software.
  • Supplied in a ruggedized case for use directly on the flight-line.
  • Optional modem for transmission of downloaded data to your analysis site.
  • Power options available for international use.